We've got something to say!

We are always mindful of the changing needs of the community. And since it is almost our 15th year, we want to make sure there is more fun, more convenience and more comfort to our shoppers like you. So we are going through a redevelopment and upgrade exercise. The exercise will progress in phases and conclude in December 2017. The redevelopment will include a better shopping experiences and better retail offerings by the end of the project. We will definately keep you posted on further details when we have further confirmation, but IPC will remain opened as usual.

You may have seen some of your favourite go-to-stores closed and covered by hoardings. Indeed, work as already begun, and like you, we too are grateful for those stores and brands, especially those that has been with us for a while.

But the wheels of life keep turning and new seasons come and the old go away. We trust that you will be very pleased with the new season as IPC as we approach our 15th year very soon.

We hope that you will continue to journey with us as we unveil and unwrap a new shopping experience, redefined and upgraded for your shopping pleasure.



1. Is IPC Shopping Centre going through a redevelopment?

Yes. We are always mindful of the changing needs of the community. Since it is almost our 15th year, we want to make sure that there is more fun, more convenience and more comfort for shoppers.


2. Will IPC Shopping Centre remain open throughout the redevelopment process? If yes, how?

Yes, we are open as usual from 10.00am – 10.00pm. The redevelopment process is taking place by phases. We will only be closed by floors or sections to allow the redevelopment process to take place.


3. When will the redevelopment officially start and when will it be completed?

The redevelopment process officially started in February 2017 & estimated to be completed in December 2017.


4. Why is IPC Shopping Centre going through a redevelopment process?

It is almost our 15th year anniversary, we want to make sure there is more fun, more convenience and more comfort for all of our shoppers. There will be some relocations of tenants, fine tunings of retail offerings & upgrade of facilities and amenities as we anticipate to unwrap a new shopping experience to you.


5. Will the tenants be coming back after the redevelopment is completed and who are the new tenants?

Certain tenants will still be with us, but they might be relocated to a different location or floor. You can look out for new tenants announcement here or at our Facebook.


6. Where can I get frequent updates of the redevelopment in IPC Shopping Centre?

You can keep a look out for updates here or at our Facebook.


7. Where can I get find the latest tenant list?

Our store guide features the latest tenant list. Latest tenant list is also available at i-Counter, Level G.


8. Will IPC FREE Shuttle Bus Service be running as usual?

Yes. IPC FREE Shuttle Bus Service will not be affected by the redevelopment. Bus schedule can be found here.


9. Will all of the amenities remain?

Yes, all of the amenities will remain. But should there be any changes, we will direct you to the nearest facility or amenity with directional signages that are placed all around the Centre.


10. What safety precautions is IPC Shopping Centre taking during the redevelopment process?

Major works will happen only after operating hours. Any upgrades will also be done phase-by-phase, so your shopping experience will go on as usual with minor changes.


11. Is the carpark still open?

Yes, P1 & P2 carpark will remain open.


12. How will the access to IPC Shopping Centre be affected?

We are redeveloping by phases. For the affected areas, we will place directional signages that will help you to navigate your way around. Otherwise, you can also seek help from our co-workers at i-Counter, Level G.


13. Will IKEA be affected by the redevelopment?

No, they will remain open through the redevelopment process.


14. I have some feedbacks regarding the redevelopment process. Who can I speak to?

You are always welcome to share your feedback at ipc@ikano.asia. We will reply you within 24 hours.