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Ramadhan Promotion 2018

1 May - 30 June 2018

Come buka puasa with us this Ramadhan and enjoy our exclusive and tantalising promotions at selected food outlets!

Boat Noodle  

Noodle Kombo = Only at RM37.90 Nett
1xKra Pow
1xCrunchy Thai Popeye’s Tempura
1xHot Steamy Sangkayaa
6xNoodles (Pathumthani/ Prosperity Yum)

2Pax Only RM59.90 Nett (Unlimited Noodles & Topping)
1xKra Pow
1xKaw Pad Super
1xThai Fried Chicken
1xHot Steany Sangkayaa

*Only valid from 11am-4pm, 7pm-8:30pm, 8:30pm-10pm.

Nando's Malaysia  

Mango & Lime Get Together Platter for 4 = RM99.00 (*RM24.75/pax)
PERi-PERi Ulam
Mango & Lime Whole Chicken
4 Regular Sides
4 Bottomless

*Available for dine-in options only.

Famous Amos  
Raikan Raya Bersama Exclusive Raya Twin Pack –Starts from RM43.60
Free Cookies with Purchase

Enjoy two Summer Frappuccino's for the price of one*!

*Every Wednesday at 5-8pm, until 13 June 2018.

Oyster King & Hot Wings  

Free 1 Drinking Water + Kurma with purchase of any combo set*

*Valid until 16 June 2018.


Free Teh Leleh Cincau* with purchase of any of the following:

  • Spicy Buttermilk Volcano Set RM21.90
  • Nasi Lemak Ayam Bungkus Special Set RM15.90

*Valid until 16 June 2018.


Special Buka Puasa Combo Set RM12.90*
3 buns + 1 Ribena + RM5 Cash Voucher

*Valid from 3pm-7pm every day, until 14 June 2018. While stocks last.

Boost Juice  

Exclusive limited edition Raya Packets Free with a purchase of any original Boost*

*Valid until 13 June 2018. While stocks last.

I Love Yoo!  

Salted Egg Yoo Tiao Chips RM13.90*

*Valid until 30 June 2018. While stocks last.

Uncle Lim's Cafe  

Promotion Set only RM17.50*.

Main Meal + Drink(Selasih Syrup or Bandung Syrup) + Dessert (Bubur Kacang Merah or Pulut Hitam) + Served with Buah Kurma

-add on RM1 for 2nd Drink (only Selasih Syrup or Bandung Syrup)

*Available every day from 6pm onwards until 14 June 2018. Excludes Chicken Chop. Not applicable with other discount or offer.

Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul  

Ramadan Treats Set Meal at only RM30.90*
Includes: Any 2 Noodles + 1 Delights (Items of your choice)+ 2 Lime Juice or Lemon Tea.

*Valid until 17 June 2018. Valid for dine-in only.

Absolute Thai  

Promo Set For 4= RM205+*
Appetiser: Crispy Spring Roll
Soup: Tom Yam Prawn (Red)
Main Course:

  • Thai fragrant steamed rice
  • Stir-fried minced chicken with hot basil leaves
  • Tofu with chicken and mushroom
  • Kailan with garlic
  • Steamed Siakap with lime and chilli
  • Dessert : Red Ruby Waterchestnuts
  • Drink: Iced Syrup

*Valid until 14 June 2018. Valid for dine-in only. Subject to 10% service charge. Not applicable with any other promotions or discounts. Subject to change.

Dome Cafe  

DOME Buka Puasa - RM59+* per person

Inclusive of Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce + Iced Lemon Tea and Dates.

with a choice of:
Tenggiri Fish Assam Pedas,
Grilled Chicken In Turmeric Sauce,
Grilled Fish In Lemongrass Sauce,
Nasi Lemak Beef/Chicken Rendang.

*Valid only for ifthar. Price is subject to 10% service charge.


Raya combo

Add on selected sides at only RM3* or a larger natural Cut Fries at RM1.50* or Frosty cone (Vanilla) at RM 1*.

*Valid all day until 30 June 2018. Price may vary effective 1 June 2018.