Our People

Our people are the greatest asset we have. With a diverse workforce in IPC, they are able to bring so much value and contribution.

We recruit and hire the person behind the resume as we believe that your values and insights are more important than what you put on paper!

We offer opportunities for career development as well as personal growth. So what will your IPC Story be?

Here are our stories:

Day In The Life – Groceries and Mom

Adeline | Assistant Accounting Manager

Adeline, our Assistant Accounting Manager describes IPC Shopping Centre as “a great place to share, learn and grow together”

As part of the Finance department, we are generally known as the backend support team where we deal with tons of figures and reports and our job could get repetitive. However, my passion for work at IPC never dwindled as they allowed us space to grow alongside our challenges through necessary means of support and care.

IPC is like a big family where everyone gets the chance to share, learn and grow together. I was able to share my knowledge and past experiences to help improve and renew our accounting tasks. Meanwhile, I also got the opportunity to learn new things apart from just ‘numbers’. For example, taking on the additional role of a Duty Manager allows me to have a better understanding of a shopping centre’s daily operations and react accordingly when functional issue arises. So, instead of just dealing with data and analytics, I get to be hands-on with some of the on-ground operational tasks with the support from co-workers.

Overall, it’s a fun learning curve when you’re not just confined to doing your own job scope.

Rafizan | Technician Team Lead

Rafizan, our Technician Team Lead describes IPC Shopping Centre as “more than just a job; it's been a journey of growth, balance, and supportive relationships”.

IPC providing an ideal work environment and great company benefits. The company dedication to fostering a balanced work-life allowed me to taking care of my family while growing my career.

It is a positive experience as I was able to enjoy the 1-month paternity leave when I embraced a pivotal moment in my life – the arrival of my firstborn. This period wasn't just a break from work; it was a chance to be present for my family, to share the responsibilities of parenthood with my spouse, and to form a tighter bond with my newborn through the precious time spent at home. I also was surrounded by supportive team of co-workers who made the transition in and out of work during this period incredibly smooth. It's not every day that you find a workplace that not only values professional growth but also recognizes the importance of personal milestones.

I am truly grateful to be a part of IPC where work is not just a place to earn a living, but a community that supports and celebrates life's most significant moments.

Candy | Operations Executive

Candy, our Operations Executive, describes IPC Shopping Centre as “my first job that embodies Trust, Caring and Comfort”.

I am thrilled to have secured my first job at IPC, a place that embodies trust, care, and comfort in every aspect.

At IPC, we are empowered to work with our unique styles towards a common goal, and our dedication and efforts are consistently recognized and appreciated. The well-being and health of every individual are of utmost importance at IPC. We have a team of supportive and committed co-workers that care about one another. It is warm and inclusive environment that makes me feel a deep sense of belonging. Working in a cool office equipped with ergonomic chairs and an endless supply of snacks allows us to recharge ourselves and work in a comfortable and conducive atmosphere.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had such a remarkable and unforgettable first job experience in the exceptional workplace that IPC is.

Karen| Facilities Management Manager

Karen Won, our Facilities Management Manager, describes IPC Shopping Centre as “a place to learn together with team”.

I believe many may be curious on how a female progresses in the Facilities Management field which is predominantly male-dominated. Here, we recruit for diversity, a part of our value-based recruitment.

I started in Facilities Management many years back with zero knowledge, with my passion and determination, I never stopped pursuing knowledge and improve my technical skills, particularly in building management. All of my co-workers in maintenance and administration team are my “sifu” (master), as I constantly learning from them and believe that teamwork leads to success.

I feel like I’m back in school again while working at IPC Shopping Centre as there is always new challenges to learn and overcome everyday – be it about technical skills, systems or technologies. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to improve how I bring value to my team, and my company. Whether it’s new technology I can employ or new career mindsets I can adopt. Renew and Improve is part of our values. The journey towards personal betterment, in life and at work, never ends.

I truly enjoy the journey and hope we can continue to strive towards a greater success as a team.

Nur Iman | Customer Service Team Leader

Nur Iman, our Customer Relations Team Lead describes IPC Shopping Centre as “growing and fun place”.

IPC is more than just a working place, it’s a place that allows me to grow and at the same time I have fun. As a frontliner and customer service representative, I must be alert and prepared at all times as there will be numerous impromptu situations that I must handle.

Dealing with different shoppers from various background isn’t always rainbow and sunshine, but this challenge makes my job even more interesting and unique. I enjoy developing relationship with shoppers and experiencing a sense of accomplishment whenever I assist a shopper. The key to become a good customer service representative is always patience.