Our People

Our people are the greatest asset we have. With a diverse workforce in IPC, they are able to bring so much value and contribution.

We recruit and hire the person behind the resume as we believe that your values and insights are more important than what you put on paper!

We offer opportunities for career development as well as personal growth. So what will your IPC Story be?

Here are our stories:

Day In The Life – Groceries and Mom


Meet Kevin, our very own Accounting Executive at IPC Shopping Centre! Prior to IPC, Kevin worked for an Australian based telco company being in charge of customer service and credit for clients.

Throughout Kevin’s career at IPC he had garnered both good and challenging memories being a part of a diverse family.

His career at IPC has transitioned from a supporting role for the Centre Manager to being in his current role.

Kevin mentioned that the exciting opportunity in transitioning to his current role is that it has taught him the ins and outs of IPC as well as his constant learning throughout his day-to-day job.

As what we always believe in, “When You Grow, IPC Grows Too!”

Kevin is the pure epitome of why we recruit from within, part of our value based recruitment.

What Kevin loves the most is that we stand firmly and strongly with our values which translates to our work culture, this has been a major part of Kevin’s career at IPC Shopping Centre.

The endless possibilities of experiences gained at IPC has made Kevin want to learn even more while growing with the company. 

Bit Sean

Meet Bit Sean, our very own Assistant Operations Manager at IPC Shopping Centre! Prior to IPC, Bit Sean has worked for a shopping mall in the field of occupational safety and health. Not running far from her forte, Bit Sean is also overseeing the field of security at IPC as well for the past 3 years with the company.

Being in a vast as well as fast-paced environment at IPC, the people has been an immense part of her career growth especially in gaining new knowledge as well as being inspired for Bit Sean’s day-to-day work.

Bit Sean is the pure epitome of why we recruit for the future, part of our value based recruitment.


Meet Abang Hashim, our very own co-worker who defies ageism at IPC to create a better everyday life for the many people!

At a golden age of 62 years old, Abang Hashim has decided to stay with us whilst contributing his highly regarded expertise in the field of Facilities Management.

He has never let his age stop him from continuing his passion in ensuring everything works in the proper manner throughout the Shopping Centre. He truly inspires the young, the old and the many!

We recruit for diversity, a part of our value based recruitment.


Meet Vickie, our very own Assistant Marketing Manager at IPC Shopping Centre!

Prior to IPC, Vickie has been a Chinese journalist / reporter as well as had experience in marketing. Being new in the field of marketing, Vickie oversees IPC’s casual leasing as well as events and has garnered various invaluable experiences throughout her career with us.

Vickie has highlighted that one of her most memorable experiences throughout her career with us was our one of a kind annual balloon installation at IPC Shopping Centre where they work with world-class balloon sculpture artists.

The togetherness as well as our driven environment has made work much more meaningful for Vickie and that is what she treasures.

Vickie is the pure epitome of why we recruit for diversity, part of our value based recruitment.

Working on this project has not only enabled Vickie to learn more on the job, but it has also enabled her to widen her horizon especially in events management.

What does she love about working at IPC? Our value-based working culture of course!