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November 13, 2020

4 Ways to Liven Up Deepavali This Year

We know that Deepavali celebration for this year is much quieter than before and we are unable travel to meet up with friends and families that easily, but don’t let this dampen our excitement and bring some ‘sparkles’ into our home this Deepavali instead!

Here are 4 ways that you and I can prepare for Deepavali.

  1. Clean house equals wealth

    According to popular Hindu belief, deities will shower blessings to those with clean house – the cleaner, the better! As such, spring cleaning in preparation for Deepavali is compulsory for all families. Now that we have more time on our hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter and do a big clean-up of our living spaces.

    Now, don’t be lazy and visit Harvey Norman (L1.10) or Ace Hardware (L1.02) for a wide variety of cleaning tools and appliances you may need.

  2. Light it up

    It’s the ‘Festival of Lights’! So, deck up your house – inside and out – with shimmering lights and bright colours using fairy lights, candles, oil lamps, or even Rangoli; colourful floor designs made of flower petals, rice or sand, to signify the victory of light over darkness, or good over evil.

    Check out Spotlight (L2.02) for various crafts and decorations; Natural Home Décor (LG1.01) for candles and oil lamps; or Tsen Lighting (L1.13) to purchase new lightings for your home.

  3. New clothes for this special occasion

    Similar to all festive celebrations, it’s tradition to wear new clothes for Deepavali as it is thought to bring about good luck and attract prosperity for the coming year. Even if we can’t do house-hopping this year to show it off, it definitely feels good to celebrate the day right with fresh new garments.

    Pamper yourself with fashionable clothes and shoes at Padini (G.03), Skechers (G.13a & 15) or other fashion outlets here in IPC.

  4. Indian food galore

    To be honest, one thing we are all looking forward to is the FOOD! For Malaysians, this is the day where we truly indulge in the many Indian food offerings; vegetables to meat, savoury to sweet. Oh yeah, did we mention the many variation of ghee-based delicacies and mutton dishes there is?!

    Deepavali is definitely a festival feast for the eyes, stomach and soul! It’s also customary to prepare and make the dishes at home, so you can get the snacks, spices and groceries all from Ben’s Independent Grocer (LG1.19 & 20).

It’s never an easy task preparing for a major celebration, so let us help you by offering the option to comfortably shop from home for the things you may need this Deepavali. Hire a personal shopper from our official partner, GoGet to help out on your purchases and have it picked up from IPC or delivered to your doorstep. Read more about the service here.

Lastly, from IPC Shopping Centre, we wish all our Indian friends and Malaysians a ‘Happy Deepavali’ filled with joy and positivity together with your loved ones.