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July 05, 2021

8 Mouthwatering Meals To Enjoy at IPC

We all know working from home isn't easy. With the extension of the movement control and with no dine-ins for the time-being, we have to juggle between work, house chores and also cooking.

Sometimes we need good food to comfort our soul in the midst of these trying times.

Not to worry! You can still enjoy your favourite dishes (and take a break from cooking) from your favourite F&B outlets during the MCO.

Uncle Lim's Cafe

Uncle Lim’s Cafe is a modernized Kopitiam that brings you the best homegrown traditional recipes adapted to the current taste of consumers.

While having a plethora of classic local cuisine that we have all grown to live - their signature laksa, a concoction of de-boned mackerel, blended fresh herbal spices, santan (coconut milk) and milk; is deliciously creamy and aromatic making you ask for seconds every time you finish.

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We all miss getting together with our family and friends to experience eating healthy, low fat shabu-shabu/hot pot in a warm atmosphere with impeccable service.

You can still re-create the same experience at home by ordering a variety of fresh meat, vegetables and condiments with your favourite soup base to enjoy with your family.

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theQueen@shanghai night

Ever wondered where you can get revamped authentic handmade halal dim sum classics and regional Chinese favourites?

theQueen@Shanghai Night is definitely the one place for those who enjoy mouth-watering halal authentic Chinese delectables with a local twist.

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Haruka Bakery

Nothing beats the feeling of biting into a fresh pastry and licking the crumbly bits off your fingers after.

You don't want to miss out on Haruka Bakery's Portugese egg tart with crispy crusts that boast a nice crunch that further complements the sweet but slightly greasy egg filling.

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Nasi Kukus Tonggek

What's not to love about steamed rice with a side of satisfying fried chicken and amazing taste of gulai?

The nasi kukus served here is so satisfying to the palate that you would ask for more.

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The Yard (B.I.G.)

We all have days where we have a severe craving for pies.

Don't worry, we got your covered!

The Yard has various type of pies that will fit your cravings, from sweet to savory fillings and from standard pies to the unconventional ones.

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Shucked (B.I.G.)

Who doesn’t love the taste of the sea?

Especially, when you can have it delivered to you fresh from the shores (or aquarium tank), cooked and served at your doorstep.

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Dome Cafe

Nothing beats comfort to the soul than having Asian Fusion menu that merges your favourite flavours from the East and West seamlessly into one, served with the finest coffee on the side.

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