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May 06, 2022

Touch ‘n Go Card Reload Service is now available!

We are happy to announce that the reload service for Touch ‘n Go (TNG) cards is now available at our i-Counter on Level G from 10pm – 9:30pm daily. This service is open for all – tenant staff, visitors and customers alike – to use.

Currently, the only accepted payment method is through DuitNow online transaction; payment by bank cards or cash will not be accepted. Furthermore, no reload or surcharge fee will incur when you reload your TNG cards, but do note that the minimum top-up amount is RM10 per reload.

For your information, there is a total of 4 places in the centre that offers TNG card reload service:

  • I-Counter, Level G
  • Watsons, Level G
  • Family Mart, Level LG1
  • 7-Eleven, Level LG1

We believe that this additional service will be useful to those with insufficient TNG card balances to reload and pay for parking, as well as convenient to those that simply wishes to top-up their TNG cards.