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June 17, 2022

5 Ways To Bond With Your Dad On Father’s Day

Most of us admire fictional superheroes for their great strength, perseverance and strong sense of justice. We admire our very human dads for the same qualities, if not more! However, it’s often that their sacrifices went unappreciated, so let’s gear up and make this Father’s Day a remarkable one by celebrating and creating meaningful connections that you can cherish together for a long time.

1. DIY projects with Dad
Dads are somewhat known as the default fixer or builder in the family, so it’s no surprise that they can build some of the coolest stuffs at home – occasionally even without external help! But every now and then, it’s good to be involved in projects with him for some tangible family-friendly fun or to build a healthy father-child(ren) relationship.
Spend time together browsing through IKEA or Ace Hardware for some DIY project inspirations and work on ideas to renovate and elevate your home together!

2. Feed them food
The phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” has never been more accurate and it’s definitely one amazing way to show your appreciation this Father’s Day. Dust off the grill for barbecue, break out the large pot for comforting soups, or use the rice cooker for some fluffy rice dish and feed them food. After all, nothing beats a homecooked meal!
Get your groceries from Ben’s Independent Grocer early to avoid the queues, or work your way around the numerous F&B restaurants (ie. Absolute Thai, Hana Japanese Dining, The Queen @ Shanghai Night & etc) in IPC Shopping Centre and treat your Dad (and family) to some scrumptious dine-ins if you’re not a good cook 😉.

3. Personalized gifts for Dad
Whether you’re celebrating in person or sharing the love from afar, a personalized gift, no matter what Dad’s into – from one-of-a-kind presents to everyday essentials – is the perfect way to bring smile to his face this Father’s Day.
If he’s into gadgets, get him the latest techs from All IT Hypermarket or Harvey Norman. If he’s into reading, Popular has a wide spread of collections in various languages. If he’s complaining about the filthy drinking water at home, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a new water purifier from Cuckoo, Coway or LG Puricare. So, depending on what your Dad fancies (or complains), there’s something out there that you can purchase and customize it to his liking – adding a little handwritten note brings it up a notch!

4. Upgrade their wardrobe
There are some guys who manage to look brilliantly stylish at every stage of their lives, but there are also other men of a certain age with a tendency to let laziness creep into what they wear every day. If that’s started happening to your dear old dad, know that you don’t have to replace his entire wardrobe to send him back in the right direction.
In fact, Father’s Day is a perfect excuse to show him the big power of a small sartorial tweak. Little changes – like swapping well-worn old jeans for something nicer, or upgrading an existing favourite to a version with bold new pattern – are steps in a more stylish direction. And each one will ensure your father looks his best, no matter his age. Take him out for a shopping spree and check out the many fashion outlets like Focus Point, H&M or Skechers in IPC Shopping Centre for new garbs and accessories.

5. Pamper sessions for Dads
Just like us, our Dads also need a good self-care and grooming session once a while. Making an effort on yourself does not cause any harm and always works out for the absolute best.
Moreover, a lot of dads must be finding it difficult to get their regular trimming sessions done, so it’s fine for us to splurge and pamper them this Father’s Day by booking a full-service haircut from Hair Zone or scheduling a facial treatment from Hannan Medispa for a full day of relaxation.

In the end, no matter what ways or gifts that we ultimately choose to celebrate our Dads this Father’s Day, it matters most when it comes from our sincerest thoughts and meaningful efforts in making them feel appreciated and understand that we value their presence in our lives.

Happy Father’s Day to all the cool Dads and father-figures alike!