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July 29, 2022

Developing Our Co-workers’ Passion for Work, Life & Growth Journey

What does the word “passion” mean to you? How do you bring forward “passion” to your work, life and growth journey?

Today, we are diving into the topic of “passion” and will understand it further from our co-workers’ point-of-view.

“My passion is to fix and repair, like how I make sure things are operating well in IPC” – Azim, our Assistant Maintenance Manager.

“I love art and try to be as creative as I can in my accounting field” – Kevin, our Accounting Executive.

“My passion is making the earth and people’s lives better every day and I’m glad to be able to contribute in sustainability here at IPC” – Bell, our Assistant Operations Manager.

Passion is tricky to grasp with no exact definition but we all recognise it when we see it, whether in ourselves or others. After all, every individual is unique with different passions in life. So, why are we focusing on the topic of “passion” today?

When passion is present, people tend to be more resilient when encountering obstacles and have more positive outlooks in both work and life. It also fosters a sense of purpose and it’s especially vital for co-workers to be passionate at work to constantly self-improve and increase their chances of success. The more meaning and personal satisfaction gained at work can boost co-workers to perform at the best of their abilities, and that’s what we’re striving for here at IPC Shopping Centre.

So, ask yourself this question today. What is your passion for work, life and growth journey?

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