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July 01, 2022

Torii Teppanyaki: A Japanese Feast for All Your 5 Senses

Do you love Japanese food? Have you ever tried teppanyaki? Teppanyaki is recognized as a modern-style Japanese dish that is cooked on an open iron cooktop. Today, it is one of the most iconic and popular Japanese cuisine out there which has taken the world by storm.

Generally, people enjoy teppanyaki because of these three elements: ingredients, equipment and theatrics. All of these explains what teppanyaki is and why it’s a renowned type of Japanese cuisine that people can’t stop craving for. With the opening of Torii Teppanyaki here at IPC Shopping Centre, you can now experience and taste authentic teppanyaki dishes!

A typical teppanyaki meal is made up of several courses using various fresh ingredients including meat, seafood and vegetables that are cooked by a highly skilled chef. Here at Torii Teppanyaki, their teppanyaki set menus are the most popular items with various protein choices (i.e. salmon, chicken, beef, saba fish, mushrooms, and etc.) served with mixed vegetables to select from, catering to all types of dietary preference – meat-lovers, pescatarians or vegetarians. Each set menu also comes with a Japanese white rice, miso soup, pickled radish, chicken gyoza, and green tea or ice lemon tea.

At the time of our visit, their menu only has teppanyaki sets with simple drink selections, however, we’re pretty sure that they’ll be expanding their menu fairly soon to also include okonomiyaki and donburi dishes!

The equipment in teppanyaki is a very significant part of the dish, mainly the heart of teppanyaki, teppan, which is a flat iron grill and is made famous when modern iron manufacturing began in japan. Teppan-style cuisine became widely popular where other dishes such as okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake) – which Torii Teppanyaki also serves – were cooked on. Teppan grills are often placed tableside or over the counter where chefs cook up meals right before the customers’ eyes – its an undeniably immersive culinary adventure!

However, many would describe teppanyaki more as a performance-like experience as opposed to a culinary one. Teppanyaki chefs are famed to demonstrate their dynamic cooking techniques in various elaborate ways. They can slice meat and seafood with unparallel precision, flip eggs into the air and crack them open with a spatula and set aflame ingredients for extra theatric points. The teppanyaki experience truly is a show which has attracted hungry customers towards the performance, sometimes even more than the amazing food.

As such, teppanyaki is truly a feast for all your 5 senses. Not only are the various courses of food incredibly delicious, but the performance and theatrics of the chefs make the dining experience an unforgettable one. If you wish to enjoy an authentic Japanese teppanyaki restaurant in IPC Shopping Centre, you simply can’t go past Torii Teppanyaki (LG1.28)!