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September 07, 2023

Celebrating Merdeka:
3 Ways to Show Malaysian Pride

Every August and September, the Jalur Gemilang is waved around as chants of Merdeka fill the air. But celebrating our beautiful country of Malaysia is more than just waving a flag around. Here are three meaningful ways to express your patriotism during this special occasion:


1. Delve deep into Malaysia’s History:

Patriotism begins with knowledge. Many know that before we were called Malaysia, we were called Malaya. But did you know that Malaysia also had a well-established prehistoric and historic antecedent that spans thousands of years back? Knowing more about our country’s history will inspire a sense of pride in us as we celebrate our National Month. Eager to know more? Check out some history books from POPULAR Bookstore and be awed in our extensive past and rich culture!

2. Support Local Initiatives

Being patriotic involves contributing to your country's progress. You don’t have to be a superhero to be considered patriotic, in fact, doing small meaningful act does the trick! Support your local businesses, artisans, and products is one way to start. Psst: Drop by our Merdeka Lifestyle Bazaar from 31 August to 10 September and shop for fashion, food, skincare and more curated wares from your favourite homegrown brands!

3. Educate the Next Generation:

Pass on the legacy of patriotism to younger generations by sharing stories of our nation's history, values, and traditions with our children. Want your little ones to learn more about Malaysia the fun way? RSVP to our exclusive Små Club workshops today and take home something to commemorate our beloved country!

Celebrating our Country is more than just waving a flag around. Celebrate by indulging in our diverse cultural delicacies and activities, sing your national anthem proudly, dress up in Malaysian colours and support local initiatives like bazaars. Want to know where you can showcase your Malaysian spirit? Visit IPC Shopping Centre for more Merdeka related events!