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February 07, 2024

Start 2024 with the Year of the Majestic Dragon at IPC Shopping Centre!

As the vibrant tapestry of the lunar calendar unfolds, ushering in the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon emerges with a majestic roar. Symbolizing strength, prosperity, and good fortune, the dragon holds a special place in Chinese culture and mythology. As we embark on this auspicious journey, let us unveil our ‘Loong Ma-jestic Lunar New Year’ to radiate positive energy, joy, and happiness for all shoppers this Chinese New Year at IPC Shopping Centre.

1. Feel the Vibrant CNY Vibes as You Enter the ‘Loong Majestic’ Garden

Immerse yourself in lunar splendour as you walk into a lantern-lit grand archway surrounded by cherry blossoms. Discover a haven of enchantment in the heart of our garden, adorned with Instagram-worthy decorations, including the iconic Chinese red bridge that beckons you into a world of tradition and festivity. Cast your wishes upon the Red Wisdom Wishing Tree, where you can place your hopes and aspirations for good luck, prosperity, and success in the coming year.

Embark on a shopping adventure as Lunar Marketplace booths beckon with an array of Chinese New Year gifts and essentials. Explore the bountiful offerings surrounding the Concourse area on Level G of IPC Shopping Centre, where every corner is a treasure trove of delightful finds.

Let the magic of art and tradition unite generations in this heartwarming and vibrant celebration! Give your little ones the chance to go on a creative adventure by coloring their chosen Små Club character at our interactive play area at Concourse! But the excitement doesn't end there – witness their vibrant designs come to life on our giant LED screen as the characters joyfully prance around.

Join us in our ‘Loong Majestic’ Garden as we turn creativity into a celebration, making every family's Lunar New Year experience one filled with joy, prosperity, and unforgettable memories.

2. Good fortune galore

Indulge in a shopping spree and be rewarded with a treasure trove of exclusive perks! Our exciting line-up of rewards is designed to elevate your shopping experience this Chinese New Year at IPC Shopping Centre:

🎉 Redeem 2 RM5 Loong e-vouchers:
Unlock the magic of savings! With a minimum spend of just RM200 in 2 receipts, you can treat yourself to not one, but two RM5 Loong e-vouchers. These gems are your key to exclusive discounts at 31 participating outlets from 18 JAN to 25 FEB 2024.

🧧 Redeem 1 Loong Ma-jestic Ang Pow Set:
Elevate your festive celebrations with our Ma-jestic Ang Pow Set! It's yours with a minimum spend of RM200 in 2 receipts. Unwrap the joy and experience the delight of receiving this exclusive set tailored for the Lunar New Year.

🌸 Redeem 1 Lunar Blossom Mat:
Enhance your quarters with our vibrant Lunar Blossom Mat! Achieve a minimum spend of RM1,000 (or RM800 for Tack Club members) in 3 receipts to claim this colourful mat. Transform your space into a haven of style and sophistication, setting the stage for a prosperous year ahead.

Don't miss out on these spectacular rewards – shop, redeem, and bask in the glow of Lunar New Year delights! 🛍️🎁✨

3. Weekday Delights and CNY Badge

Experience the thrill of weekdays during this festive season with our exclusive WEEKDAY-ONLY INITIATIVES, meticulously crafted to enhance your visit and amplify the joy of spending:

🎨 Chinese Paper Cut Art (24 and 31 JAN, 2 pm – 7 pm):
Tack Club members, delve into the world of intricate craftsmanship! Redeem a mesmerizing Chinese paper cut art with a minimum spend of RM28 in a single receipt. Watch traditional art come to life, adding a touch of cultural richness to your weekday visit.

🖌️ Chinese Fan Calligraphy Art (26 JAN and 2 FEB, 2 pm – 7 pm):
Elevate your experience with the elegance of calligraphy! Tack Club members, seize the opportunity to redeem a beautiful Chinese fan calligraphy art by spending a minimum of RM28 in a single receipt. Unveil the beauty of the written word in a unique and artistic way.

💳 Double Tack Points for Weekday Spend (Excluding Public Holidays):
Tack Club members, your weekdays just got twice as rewarding! Earn double Tack Points for every weekday spend, excluding public holidays. It's the perfect incentive to explore, shop, and make the most of your weekday excursions.

🌟 CNY Sticker Set Redemption for Små Club Members (Weekdays, Excluding Public Holidays):
Små Club members, add a festive flair to your belongings! Redeem an exclusive CNY Sticker Set during weekdays (excluding public holidays) and infuse a dash of Lunar New Year charm into your everyday items.

🏅 Fortune Seeker Prodigy CNY Badge Launch:
Brace yourself for excitement! We're unveiling the limited-edition Fortune Seeker Prodigy CNY Badge on the IPC App. Tack Club members, embark on a riveting journey to earn 100 Tack Points by completing 5 missions throughout the centre. Dive into the details within the IPC App and set forth on an adventure to claim this exclusive badge.

Seize the weekdays with unparalleled excitement, exclusive rewards, and the promise of unforgettable moments at IPC Shopping Centre this festive season! 🌈💫🎁

4. Performances & Workshops

Get ready to dive headfirst into the festivities, folks! Our weekend workshops are here to kick your joy levels up a notch! Imagine immersing yourself in some seriously cool DIY activities – we're talking about painting CNY elements and crafting decorations that scream celebration. And guess what? These workshops are not just fun, they're absolutely free* for our Små Club members! Just make sure to snag your spot by pre-registering on the IPC App. Trust us, you won't want to miss this.

But wait, there's more! Brace yourselves for an extra dose of excitement as we unleash the God of Prosperity, a delightful Chinese maiden, and the ever-charming IPC Små Buddies Mascot, all strolling through our vibrant space. And the fun doesn't stop there – get ready to be wowed by oriental-themed performances that'll add a whole new layer of cheer to your Chinese New Year celebrations.

And here's the grand finale, folks! Mark your calendar for the weekend extravaganza of the century – the lion and dragon dance performances that'll have you on the edge of your seat! Meet the renowned Yi Meng Lion Art troupe on 10 and 11 FEB at Concourse, Level G of IPC Shopping Centre, and brace yourself for a visual feast of skill and tradition that will leave you in awe.

As we step into the Year of the Dragon, get ready to soak in the infectious energy of the festivities. Let the indomitable spirit of the dragon inspire resilience, power, and positive energy in your heart. May this year be an explosion of prosperity, good fortune, and an endless supply of joy! Gong Xi Fa Cai from IPC Shopping Centre – wishing you a happy, prosperous Chinese New Year and 2024!