ipc shopping centre

Terms and Condition


  1. Shoppers are entitled to collect ONE (1) “shopping-miles” stamp for every accumulated RM200 spent at unlimited combination of receipt(s) from any outlet in IPC Shopping Centre via the IPC app. The “shopping-miles” stamp(s) are given in accumulation of every RM200 spent, at a maximum limit of FIVE (5) “shopping-miles” stamps collection (maximum accumulated spent of RM1,000) per day.

    • Example: Total receipt(s) amount is RM450 - Entitled to redeem TWO (2) “shopping-miles” stamps in shopper’s Tack Club account on the IPC app.
    • Example: Total receipt(s) amount is RM1,200 - Entitled to redeem FIVE (5) “shopping-miles” stamps in shopper’s Tack Club account on the IPC app.
  2. “Shopping-miles” stamp collection and reward redemption can be made daily at the i-Counter, Level G starting from 10:00am on 25th NOV 2021, and ending at 9:30pm 2nd JAN 2022. While stocks last.
  3. There is no maximum limit on the number of receipt(s) to be accumulated and presented for “shopping-miles” stamp collection, and it does not have to be same day spending.
    • Example: Shopper accumulated FIVE (5) receipts amounting to RM600 from spending at outlets in IPC Shopping Centre between 1 – 3 DEC 2021 is entitled to collect THREE (3) “shopping-miles” stamps in their Tack Club account on the IPC app. Shopper can continue to shop and spend to increase their stamp collection throughout the campaign duration.
  4. Shoppers can exchange their collected “shopping-miles” stamps for reward(s) as listed in the table below:

    20 stamps TEN (10) RM10 IPC Shopping E-vouchers (total worth RM100) only
    15 stamps FIVE (5) RM10 IPC Fashion & Beauty E-vouchers (total worth RM50) only
    5 stamps THREE (3) RM10 IPC F&B E-vouchers (total worth RM30) only
    3 stamps ONE (1) Tomte’s 12-pc Bowl Set only
    2 stamps ONE (1) RM10 Popular E-voucher only
  5. TWO (2) redemptions for each reward tier per shopper throughout campaign duration. While stocks last.
    • Example: Shopper has a total of SIX (6) “shopping-miles” stamps in their Tack Club account and decided to use FOUR (4) stamps in exchange for TWO (2) pieces of RM10 Popular E-vouchers. Hence, shopper is left with TWO (2) stamps and is unable to redeem additional RM10 Popular E-voucher, but can collect more stamps to redeem reward(s) from the other tiers.
  6. Used stamp(s) will be deducted from member’s Tack Club account and will not be accumulated for future reward exchanges.
  7. The redeemed e-vouchers are only redeemable by registered Tack Club members and can be used in participating outlets from 25 NOV 2021 – 2 JAN 2022 or upon reaching claim limit of allocated amount, whichever is earlier.
  8. Strictly no extension of the e-voucher expiry date from the date of issue will be allowed.
  9. Shoppers must be physically present and show proof of their own Tack Club membership to a Customer Service Officer at the i-Counter, Level G to successfully collect the “shopping-miles” stamp(s) and/or exchange the stamps for reward(s) via the IPC app. Redemption of “shopping-miles” stamp(s) and/or exchanging the stamps for reward(s) on behalf of others is not allowed.
  10. Collected “shopping-miles” stamp(s) and/or redeemed reward(s) are not non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or another item in part or full, and must be accepted as offered.
  11. Tenant staff of IPC Shopping Centre are strictly not allowed to participate in the “shopping-miles” stamp collection and/or reward redemption.
  12. Shoppers are required to present their receipts along with the corresponding debit / credit / cash card that was used for the purchase(s) and/or show the item(s) purchased to our Customer Service Officer at the i-Counter, Level G as part of verification process. Failure to present the required proof(s) may lead to unsuccessful or denied “shopping-miles” stamp collection.
  13. Only receipts from retail outlets located in IPC Shopping Centre (excluding IKEA Damansara – IKEA Market Hall, Restaurant, Café, Bistro and Swedish Food Market) are accepted for “shopping-miles” stamp collection.
  14. Only original receipts with clearly printed transaction amounts, date and outlet name will be accepted for “shopping-miles” stamp collection.
  15. All purchase receipts are accepted for the GWP redemption EXCEPT receipts for money changing, utility bills, banking transactions, gift card or shopping voucher purchase, and receipts from promotion areas (unless stated otherwise).
  16. IPC Shopping Centre will not be held responsible in any way for the loss or damage to the “shopping-miles” stamp(s) and/or redeemed reward(s); no replacement(s) and whatsoever will be made for the lost or damaged “shopping-miles” stamp(s) and/or redeemed reward(s).
  17. IPC Shopping Centre will not be held responsible for any claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses and/or liabilities of any kind whatsoever, arising from or in connection with any transaction or dealing between participating outlet(s) and the e-voucher holder(s).
  18. Any misuse/tampering/forgery of “shopping-miles” stamp(s) and/or redeemed e-voucher(s) may constitute a criminal offence and the offender will be liable for prosecution.
  19. IPC Shopping Centre reserves the right to change, modify or amend the conditions herein at any time without notice.