1. The contest is organised by IPC Shopping Centre and is open to all eligible entrants who submit their participation via Facebook and Instagram between 23 March 2023, 00:01 until 1 May 2023, 23:59.
  2. Eligible entrants are required to create a we-fie (group selfie) and fit as many people as possible in one frame without using panorama function or any other digital manipulation functions, within the boundaries of our raya decor setup at Concourse, Level G and Iftar Picnic at alfresco, Level G. The photo must be uploaded to eligible entrants Facebook or Instagram page with a hashtag if #IPCRayaMeriahMax and the post must be set to public. 
  3. Only the faces of people who are clearly seen and maintaining eye contact with the camera to be counted. ONE (1) eligible entry with the most number of faces within one frame of photo among other eligible entries will be picked as the winner of the contest.
  4. IPC Shopping Centre will give away a mix of IPC Shopping Centre exclusive merchandise equal to the amount of faces visible in the winner's photo, which consists a mix of:
    1. IPC Large Golf Umbrella with torchlight (capped at 10 pieces)
    2. IPC Foldable Recycle Bag
  5. Only ONE (1) photo will be chosen and ONE (1) winner announced after the campaign period ends. Winner will be notified through an announcement post on IPC Shopping Centre's Facebook and Instagram within SEVEN (7) days from contest end date, and winner is required to contact us by sending us a message to our Facebook or Instagram page within SEVEN (7) days from announcement post date. 
  6. Winner shall respond by downloading the IPC App from the App Store / Play Store, register as a Tack Club member and provide the organiser (IPC Shopping Centre) with the winner's phone number for us to find and verify their Tack Club membership during prize redemption.
  7. Prize(s) must be collected within ONE (1) month from the date of notification. Strictly no extension of the collection deadline will be allowed. IPC Shopping Centre will not notify the winner(s) of time remaining. It is the sole responsibility of the winner to collect their prize(s) within the given timeframe.
  8. In the event that the winner chooses not to accept the prize(s) or failure to collect the prize(s) within the collection timeframe, they forfeit any and all claims to the prize(s), which will be dealt with according to the absolute discretion of IPS Shopping Centre.
  9. Prize(s) must be claimed in person by the winner at the i-Counter, Level G; there is no option nor requirement for IPC Shopping Centre to post/courier/deliver prize(s) to winners. The winner will be required to produce their identification card and IPC Tack Club membership ID on their IPC App to a Customer Service representative at the i-Counter, Level G for verification before collecting the prize(s).
  10. Tenants and staff of IPC Shopping Centre are not allowed to participate in contest and prize giveaway.
  11. Redeemed prize(s) are not non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other item in part or full, and must be accepted as offered.
  12. IPC Shopping Centre will not be held responsible in any way for the loss or damage to the prize(s); no replacement(s) and whatsoever will be made for the lost or damaged prize(s).
  13. IPC Shopping Centre reserves the rights to reuse and reupload the eligible entries photo on IPC Shopping Centre's Facebook and Instagram as means to promote the contest and for the winner announcement post.
  14. IPC Shopping Centre will not be held responsible for any claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses and/or liabilities of any kind whatsoever, arising from or in connection with any contest promoted by IPC Shopping Centre.
  15. IPC Shopping Centre reserves the right to change, modify or amend the conditions herein at any time without notice.