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IPC Recycling & Buy-Back Centre Tack Points Rewards Terms & Conditions

  1. IPC Tack Points is only eligible for IPC Tack Club members registered via the official IPC mobile app.
  2. IPC offers accumulative Tack Points for Tack Club members that send in acceptable recyclable waste to the IPC Recycling & Buy-Back Centre (RBBC) starting from the minimum handling weight of 0.1kg. If the weight of the recyclables is lower than the minimum handling weight, Tack Points will not be awarded.
  3. Recyclable wastes are to be in clean, acceptable condition.
  4. IPC reserves the right to determine the acceptability of the recyclable waste(s), please refer to the
    List of Accepted Recyclable Wastes by IPC RBBC:
Recyclable Acceptable items
Cardboard All types of corrugated cardboard
Paper Carton boxes / packaging boxes (i.e. cereal box, etc), paper, newspaper, empty toilet paper rolls, shredded paper, magazines, catalogues / brochures / leaflets, envelopes, paper bags, books and receipts
Plastic Accepted Plastic Category:

  1. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE or Polyester) (#1)
    • Beverage bottles (i.e. mineral water bottles, etc)
  2. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) (#2)
    • Household detergent/ shampoo bottle
  3. Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)(#4)
    • Bubble wrap & Stretch film / wrapper only
  4. Polypropylene (PP) (#5)
    • To go container with lit or without
  5. Acrylic & Polycarbonate (PC) (#7)
    • PC Bottle, Supplements Bottle and etc
Metal Food & beverage cans, metal bar, metal locker, full stainless steel products
Aluminium Drinks & food cans
Drink Carton Juice or milk carton
Pillow Pillows, bolster & cushions
Polystyrene Cooler box, electrical appliances padding from Plastic Category 6: Polystyrene (PS)
Textiles Old clothes, jeans, bath towel, bed sheet, curtains
Light bulb Household light bulb and light , fluorescent tube (Fluorescent and LED)
Medicine Expired Medicine (non-liquid)
Battery Alkaline batteries, old car batteries
E-waste Selective small size electrical & electronic appliances only. i.e. Iron, oven, microwave, toaster, laptop, tablets, hairdryers, cables, old monitors, CPUs, handphone, etc.For items not listed above, please contact IPC Customer Service to clarify before sending to IPC RBBC:Email: ipc@ikano.asia
WhatsApp: +6017-804 7033
Food waste Non-liquid household food waste only. i.e. Food residues, Expired canned food, fruits, vegetables, breads, cakes, biscuits, seafood, meats, cereals, nuts, etc. Important Remark:
Please ensure the food wastes are frozen and well packed before sending to IPC RBBC.
  1. Unsuitable recyclable wastes will be disqualified from Tack Point entitlement.
  2. Tack Point(s) will be awarded to Tack Club members in accordance to the following IPC RBBC Tack Point Earning Table:
Recyclable Tack Points
Cardboard 1 kg = 10 Tack Points
Paper 1 kg = 10 Tack Points
Plastic 1 kg = 10 Tack Points
Metal 1 kg = 20 Tack Points
Aluminium 500g = 50 Tack Points
Drink Carton 500g = 5 Tack Points
Polystyrene 500g = 5 Tack Points
Textiles 1kg = 5 Tack Points
  1. Tack Point(s) will be credited within 24 hours in accordance to the RBBC Tack Point Earning Table above and
    reflected in your account upon successful conversion.
  2. No Tack Point will be awarded on the following waste categories:
    1. E-Waste
    2. Food Waste
    3. Medicines
    4. Glass
    5. Light bulbs and Light Tubes
  3. Tack Points entitlement will be disqualified if found:
    1. Incorrect mix of non-recyclables
    2. Incorrect insertion of recyclables
    3. Incorrect mix of recyclable wastes type found
    4. The recyclables are not cleaned / contaminated
    5. Misconduct or unethical ways of handling the wastes drop-off process; including but not limited to
      abusing the tools, system program, member account, vandalism or damage to the property and assets of IPC
  4. Tack Points are not exchangeable or refundable for cash.
  5. Any successful conversion cannot be transferred, reversed or cancelled.
  6. Any Tack Points balance will expire and be forfeited upon the expiry or cancellation of your Tack Club
  7. All inserted waste(s) are not removable from the waste compartment or returnable.
  8. Please contact our customer service via Whatsapp at +6017-804 7033 / Email at ipc@ikano.asia if
    your waste is not listed in our website for clarification.
  9. IPC Shopping Centre shall not be liable howsoever for any errors, delays, loss or damage, which may be directly
    or indirectly due to breakdown, failure of equipment, machinery or the processor, closedown due to force
    majeure, system failure and anything beyond the control of IPC Shopping Centre.
  10. By recycling with IPC RBBC, you agree to be bound by all the terms & conditions listed.
  11. IPC Shopping Centre reserves the right to amend the information and T&C at its absolute discretion without
    prior notice.