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30th December 2022 - 05th February 2023

Ändra’s Enchantingly Evolving Garden – CNY Campaign

This Chinese New Year, usher in abundance with Ändra’s Enchanting Garden at IPC Shopping Centre.

Meet Ändra The rabbit

She wants to lend IPC Shopping Centre a helping hand to create a sustainable celebration for everyone!

To celebrate, we want to invite you to experience Ändra’s magical garden as it evolves with the arrival of the first spring breeze.

Christmas ornaments will transform into bright mandarin oranges, and the wintry space will reveal flowers in their vibrant beauty—where life is in full bloom.

Join Ändra and Dala for some fun and environmentally-friendly activities as we discover ways to celebrate the Year of the Water Rabbit more sustainably with our family and friends!

The 5 elements

Metal 金
Wood 木
Water 水
Fire 火
Earth 土

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Exciting activities await you at IPC from

30 Dec 2022 - 05 Feb 2023

Be Rewarded For Your Festive Shopping!

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Fire (火)

Food is life, and we, Malaysians take food seriously. However, do you know that the food that we put into our mouths hurt the climate? In fact, meat and dairy production contributes substantial greenhouse gas emissions which leads to increasing of global warming.

Ändra The Rabbit, suggests to eat less meat and incorporate more vegetables or plant- based food into our diet. Growing our own crops also help to regulate temperature and provide food for our family.

Make the festive season that much brighter and plentiful by harnessing the power of the mighty sun!


Wood (木)

Malaysians are getting better at recycling however our numbers are still low compared to our neighbouring countries. So, Ändra The Rabbit urges everyone to step up their 3R game (recycle, reuse, reduce) and inspire one another for a greener Malaysia.

As a shopping centre, here’s how we reduce wastage in our festive installation:

• Large structures are made from chipboard and they were reused from Christmas to Chinese New Year installation.
• Most furnitures in Concourse are made from paper or cardboard and will be sent down to RBBC for recycling.
• The flower decorations are made from fabric or paper which will be reused for future events (if still in good condition) or will be sent down to RBBC for recycling.
• Live plants are used for decoration purposes and will be sent back to nursery for a second life.

Let’s protect the forest this spring to keep the land always rich in its greens!


Metal (金)

Malaysians love technology. We have electronics or appliances for our every need. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we need to practice conservation as precious metals used for technology are on a decline.

As such, Ändra The Rabbit, wants to remind everyone to switch off any unused electronics or appliances, and opt for energy-saving alternatives that helps your wallet and prolong product shelf life in the long run.

Remember to treasure the precious metals found beneath the Earth’s soil with each passing season!


Earth (土)

The amount of garbage thrown away had risen in tandem with the population growth, and most goes into landfills which ultimately contributes to global warming. It is up to us (consumers) to separate our waste at home.

Besides recycling the basic categories of plastic, paper or metal, Ändra The Rabbit, wants everyone to know that food waste can also be repurposed. Dispose your food waste at our RBBC on LG1 (near Ladies Parking) where we collect and decompose them for animal feed, and reduce unnecessary waste piling into landfills.

Let’s welcome abundance and prosperity by keeping the land healthy and colourful!


Water (水)

Malaysia is one of the world’s highest polluter of the oceans with our poor waste management – especially plastics.

That is why, Ändra The Rabbit, wishes for everyone to reduce plastic usage and bring your own shopping bags this Chinese New Year.

Let’s keep our ocean and waterways clean and healthy all year long, making the Water Rabbit’s Year a fruitful blessing!