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November 30 - December 27, 2017

Go Green with IPC

5 easy ways to go green at home.

If you’ve visited us lately, you’ve probably noticed that we have so much in store – from fashion, to food, and fun for the family. But there’s still so much more to IPC.

We’re also proud of our commitment to go green! Here at IPC, you can find the IPC Recycling and Buy-Back Centre, as well as various other efforts to minimise our impact on the environment, such as installing energy-saving bulbs and more.

Join us on our mission to save the earth with these 5 easy tips on going green at home!

1. Get crafty with reusable materials.

With a little bit of inspiration and creativity, you can get your artist on by re-purposing old jars, tin cans, newspapers and more to make a variety of art projects!

2. Upcycle for unique planters.

Go green while you work on your green thumb. You can take old plastic bottles, glass bottles, empty jars and more and jazz them up to make rustic planters that are truly your own.

3. Buy rechargeable batteries.

Batteries are filled with toxic materials that are bad for the environment, so you can help minimise the impact by getting rechargeable batteries. After your batteries can no longer be used, you can also recycle them safely at special collection centres – like the IPC Recycling and Buy-Back Centre!

4. Set up a recycling bin system.

Set up a bin system that works for you and your family! Make sure your bins are easy to access, and clearly labelled for general waste and recyclable materials.

5. Get the little ones on board.

Starting early with kids ensures that recycling becomes a habit, and not a chore. Educate your little ones about what happens to recycling after it is collected. You could even make a game out of recycling and putting items into the right bins!

After you’ve collected your recyclables, recycling is as easy as bringing them along with you on your next shopping trip. Simply drop them off at the IPC Recycling and Buy-Back Centre, where you can then turn your trash into cash.

Click here for more information about the IPC Recycling and Buy-Back Centre.