IPC Recycling
& Buy Back

Operating since June 2009, IPC Recycling & Buy-Back Centre has been the convenient recyclable items drop off point for our community and others who want to do their part for the environment. Together, let’s do our part in reducing our environmental footprint.

Recycling Centre at IPC Shopping Centre

Operation Hours:

9a.m. - 7p.m

(Including Public Holiday.)


P1 Carpark

(near Ladies Parking)

IPC Recycling Centre in Malaysia

01    From Trash to Cash

We offer humble buy-back on the following items ONLY (min 1kg). Buy-back Rates*:

Cardboard = RM0.20/kg
Magazines = RM0.20/kg
Paper = RM0.20/kg
Plastic = RM0.10/kg
Aluminium = RM2.50/kg

*IPC Management reserves the right to determine the buy-back rates and acceptability of recyclable items. Waste that is not categorized as above will not be accepted for buy back.

If your recyclables do not qualify the minimum 1kg, or they are of a different category, you may still recycle by dropping them inside our designated bins.

Recycling Centre near me

02    Recycle with IPC

If your recyclables do not qualify the minimum of 1kg, or they are of a different category, you may still recycle by dropping them inside our designated bins.

We also serve as a pick up point for the community to dispose off the following items*:

Glasses bottle/ Jar

Used Beverage Carton



Food Waste


Hazardous Waste


*Buy-back is not applicable to the above items

03    Food Waste

Your food waste is wanted by our little ‘army’! Using a process called ‘bioconversion’, all organic food waste collected will be fed to our ‘army’ of Black Soldier Fly larvae. Upon reaching maturity, the larvae will be harvested, dried and ground to powder form. They will then be re-used as high protein animal feed, fertilizer or insect oil.

How to send us your food waste:

IPC Recycling Centre in Mutiara Damansara

04    E-waste

It’s okay to upgrade to the latest tech as long as the old ones are recycled safely.

Let us handle the recycling part for you!


Here's the items that we receive:

IT, Telecommunications and TV equipment:

Wires / Cables / USB Cables / Charger
Big Monitor (old fashion)
Flat Monitor

Small Appliances:

Hair Dryers
Old Car Batteries

Big Appliances:

Old TV

05    Fabric

Give your old clothing a new purpose by recycling them.

Simply drop them inside our marked bins located outside of the Recycling & Buy Back Centre.

Used clothes & Fabrics

Still confused? Don’t worry. Visit our Recycle & Buy Back Centre and we will advise you on the spot!


Our sustainability tenants

Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G) - One Less Plastic Bag a Day for a Better Future

Get 1 (one) FREE* mesh bag when you spend a minimum of RM250 at B.I.G and receive 20 bites points every time you use the mesh bag for your fruits and vegetables purchase.
*Terms & conditions apply:
· Free 1 mesh cotton produce bag with min. purchase of RM250 (in a single receipt) is valid on 1 - 30 June 2021, for Bites members only.
· 20 Bites points will be given when customers use mesh cotton produce bag to purchase fruits and vegetable.
· Customers using plastic bags will not be awarded the points.

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Starbucks - Save RM2 when you bring your own Starbucks tumbler

Enjoy RM2* off your handcrafted beverage when you bring along your Starbucks tumbler.
* Terms & conditions apply.
* No minimum spend required.
* Applicable for both hot and cold beverages.
* Due to the current Covid-19 situation, customers will not be given their beverages in their own Starbucks tumbler but will instead be given their beverages in a takeaway cup. However, the RM2 discount is still applicable.

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Family Mart - Do Good, Save Food

Enjoy 25% off selected items* purchased on “BEST BEFORE” date. Available from 4p.m. – 11:59 p.m. daily.

*Terms & conditions apply

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